2018 Cruise - JC165

Deployment of the PAP1 mooring



The PAP 1 mooring is a collaboration between four organisations, NMF, OBE, The Met Office and OTEG. Overall design, development and deployment of the physical system is the responsibility of the Sensors and Moorings (S&M) team within the National Marine Facilities (NMF). The surface buoy (a Balmoral ODAS buoy) complete with meteorological sensors is supplied by the Met Office. Ocean Technology and Engineering Group (OTEG) with extensive support from Campbell Ocean Data, look after the electronics communications and power hub and real-time data stream as well as occasional trial sensor deployments. The specifications and scientific data are provided by and for thecustomer; the Ocean  Biogeochemistry and Ecosystems Group.


The mooring is over 6.5 kilometres in length and sits in 4850 metres (m) of water giving it a 4 kilometre plus watch circle. The majority of the scientific instruments are house in the Autonomous Sensor Platform (ASP) suspended 30 m below the surface buoy.


Most years the top end of the mooring including the ODAS buoy and the ASP and chain are all that is replaced. This year for the first time in four years, the entire mooring has been serviced, which unusually included stripping down and rebuilding the ODAS buoy at sea to replace the keel and many of the meteorological sensors.


Written by Nick Rundle

Senior Technical Officer